Animations created on free software.

Animations created on free software.

The last days are for me preparing for a special project, which I will share with you soon. In search of free software, and inspiration, I ran into several wonderful animation made the free software! The inventors’ inventiveness is simply amazing!

Of course, the program is not all yet – what counts is the talent, commitment and patience of the creator. Let’s not forget that even the most expensive program will not automatically create a project for us, we have to work hard to get something valuable out of it.

Open Source software.

Animations that I would like to show you were made on programs such as GIMP, acting as a free Photoshop, INSCAPE, which allows you to create vector graphics and the effects are no worse than in CorelDraw or Adobe Illustrator. For animation, of course, BLENDER, which is a complete environment for modeling, rendering and animating in 3D.

Now imagine combining these programs with the talent of graphic designers, beginners and professionals.
The effects can be amazing!

Additionally, the most known of the free programs are:

GOOGLE SKETCH UP – the equivalent of CAD applications, is used to create building models and other architectural elements
WINGS 3D – a cross-platform 3D modeling program
MESH LAB – another cross-platform application for modeling three-dimensional models.

Animations created by graphic designers on free software.

Now I would like to present several animations created from a combination of talent artists and potential of free programs.

Blender Foundation –
“Elephants Dream”

“Big Buck Bunny”


“Plumiferos” (“Free Birds”) – Argentine movie, below trailer.

“The Cup” -3 month work of the students of the animation school from Barcelona.

And what do you think about these animations? Amazing what you can create using only free programs!

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