Are you looking for a job? Now You will find a job on Facebook.

Facebook Jobs

Facebook has posts that show job offers. Thanks to them, employers and jobseekers are easier to find. Posts with job offers can be promoted for money, but the basic one brings dozens of applications. The reach of such posts is amazing.


Jobs on Facebook


According to the latest research, which I think are really frightening, the average user spends a minimum of 2 hours a day on social media. Why not find a new job at the time?

Administrators of company websites can create recruitment ads that appear on the Facebook page in the JOBS tab. Companies can also manage calls to communicate with trainees, make recruitment interviews, or send automatic reminders via messenger.

Facebook Job posting


Jobs on Facebook can be filtered by:
– location,
– job type,
– industry.


Job Applications

The application for job offers is incredibly simple, after clicking the application (Apply now) under the offer we are interested in, fields with names and surnames, phone numbers, e-mail and the place we live in are automatically filled in, the same with experience and education. Everything is given as we have it filled on facebook. So we do not have to prepare and send an extra resume (CV). After checking if our data is correct, click the Send button. And done! The whole application process takes us a minute. Simple and fast.

In my opinion, Facebook Jobs is the future. I think it’s time for us to start filling out information about us correctly, posting decent photos on social media. Our profile testifies to us and presents us to our future employer.

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