Color Palette – how to match colors?

When you create graphic design, finally comes the moment when you have to decide on the appropriate selection of colors (color pallete). The choice will be especially difficult, if you have not chosen yet inspiration for your design. Your inspiration may be a photo (or several photos from a similar category), a graphic or a […]

Meaning of colors.

Color meaning. In relation to my last post (How to design a logo?), today I would like to write something about colors and their meaning in our lives. Colors have many important functions in our lives. They affect our senses through associations with taste or smell, and also affect the mood by improving mood, adding […]

Graphic designs – invitations, baby infographic

Absent for a long time! Why? I was not very active for a while and that’s because I’m working on small graphic projects. Maybe in a short time I will be able to turn this hobby into work. So far I managed to change the look of the blog a bit and create a website […]

Bootstrap Carousel Slider for posts, pages.

The beginnings of programming can be really difficult and we do not always have time to write code from scratch. Recently I searched the Internet for hours to find the right code for bootstrap carousel for wordpress, displaying not only posts but also other pages in the carousel. Finally, I found! The below code generates […]