Meaning of colors.

Color meaning. In relation to my last post (How to design a logo?), today I would like to write something about colors and their meaning in our lives. Colors have many important functions in our lives. They affect our senses through associations with taste or smell, and also affect the mood by improving mood, adding […]

Motivation Quotes I

Golden thoughts, quotes. Golden thoughts, quotes have many uses. They can be a motto for every day, an idea for completing a birthday card and an element of dedication in the book. Knowledge of the sentences of literary and golden thoughts of known people can be useful in life. Motivation Quotes I 1.) “Success is […]

Apps to edit photos and create graphics for free.

Applications on the phone to edit photos and create graphics for free. It is hard to hide the fact that the best photos that we view on Instagram are not only thanks to the filters proposed by this application. Application stores are equipped with a number of programs designed for photo processing. Searching for the […]

How to choose perfect makeup bag?

Cosmetics bag. Make up / Cosmetics bag. No woman can do without at least a basic set of cosmetics. Large group likes to be owners of a really large number of makeup and face and body care products. Each has its own private necessaries, without which not even leave the house. In order for the […]

May Wallpaper 2018 with calendar – free download.

May Wallpaper 2018 with calendar. – free download (every month new one). For a long time I wondered what the May month reminds me of. I am ashamed to admit, but nothing came to my mind. And this is such a beautiful month. And May came, and I continued to think about the symbol for […]