Chicken Lemon – real Italian recipe.

Chicken Lemon – real Italian recipe.

Chicken lemon

Everyone loves Italian cuisine, what comes to mind at first is Italian pizza and of course spaghetti.

Today I am giving you a recipe for a phenomenal lemon chicken. The recipe is close to my heart, because for the first time I tasted it when, my boyfriend prepared it for me. His veins pulse with the Italian blood. I remember like today today, I could not believe that the combination of chicken and lemon juice can be so incredibly delicious.

Italian cuisine.

Italian cuisine is simple and recipes with a small amount of ingredients, it has been shaped by generations of poor people, but I must admit that they are endowed with an amazing culinary talent.
I am lucky that I have first-hand recipes because my wonderful man writes down every word from his Nonna, an Italian grandmother living in Milan, a master at Risotto Milanese and probably every other dish she cooks. Because who is cooking better than Nonna? Probably nobody trust me!



1/2 kg chicken breast
2 large lemons
100g of flour
1 large onion
3 cloves of garlic
1/2 poultry broth cubes
Half a glass of water (to dissolve the broth cube, but it can be mix together with lemon juice)
Olive oil for frying.



1. Onions and garlic cut into small cubes, put on hot oil in a pan and fry.

Then remove from the pan.

2. Cut the chicken into small pieces, coat in flour, then fry on both sides.

3. To the chicken, add the fried onion with garlic, pour the juice from squeezed lemons and add the stock cube (or the broth from the cube and half a glass of water).

4. Simmer for 25 minutes until the sauce is creamy.
5. Enjoy your meal!



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