Color Palette – how to match colors?

When you create graphic design, finally comes the moment when you have to decide on the appropriate selection of colors (color pallete). The choice will be especially difficult, if you have not chosen yet inspiration for your design. Your inspiration may be a photo (or several photos from a similar category), a graphic or a branding of the company, you are creating a project for. Internet is an infinite source of inspiration.

Color palette catalogs of inspirations.

My favourite catalog of inspiration is Besides, probably the majority of graphic designers are using this one as well. It has professional and amateur photos, pre-made palettes, Pinterest is full of informations and ideas place.


The applications I use to create color pallets.

When I’m creating my graphic projects, I focus only on two applications. I think that is a sufficient choice. The first is:

Adobe Color CC:

(link here)

This is an application where I have been working a good couple of years. The biggest advantage of this application is integration with Photoshop, thanks to this our set of colors can be saved in a convenient and safe way.

+choosing pallets based on color rules
+selection of pallets on the basis of the photo


My second choice application is:

Canva Color Palette Generator

(link here)

The color generator from the Canva application allows us only to create them based on our photos, but the colors chosen are very nice.


Pantone color of the year.

(link here)

It’s good to know what color is the color of the year. On the pantone page you can check what color is the leading color of this year, what palettes will be the most fashionable in graphics, decoration and fashion.

The color of this year is Ultra Violet.


Remember to create your designs so as not to overdo it with color. I can not give many categories where more than five colors are needed. Good graphic designers can conjure wonders from just a few colors.

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