Facebook Photo Size Guide – Cheat Sheet 2020

Current dimensions of graphics on Facebook (Facebook Photo Size Guide) is one of the most frequently changing elements of the social media environment. Failure to adjust the size of the graphics to the latest guidelines may result in the portal framing them so that it cuts out an element of creation that is important to us. We present all current graphics sizes!

What are the recommended dimensions for Facebook graphics?

Facebook gives its recommendations as to the graphics used on this site, but they are not always useful in everyday work.

Facebook Photo Size Guide 2020

Profile picture or avatar.

Facebook displays them in the resolution 170 x 170 px on the desktop and 128 x 128 px on mobile devices and 36x36px on multifunctional phones displaying Facebook in a lighter version or the browser.

Facebook previously recommended uploading square graphics with a minimum resolution of 320×320 px. However, I do not recommend this technique. Currently, the official materials only display information about the sizes displayed, without a clear recommendation.

In my experience, a higher resolution file (e.g. 900x900px or 800x800px) works best, thanks to which the profile picture also looks good when viewed in full size. Many users also use Facebook on high-resolution screens, consoles, and TVs. Make sure that your profile is displayed correctly in every possible place.

Please also note that the profile picture no longer appears in the square. The avatar of the brand and the private user is cut to the circle. You must take this into account when uploading the file to avoid cutting off some of the logo or inscription.

Background image – cover photo 1920x730px

Seen by everyone who enters the fan page: 820 x 312 px, recommended: 1920 x 730 px, but remember that on a mobile device the cover will be cropped centrally to 640 x 360 px. In 2020, Facebook recommends that the graphics uploaded for the background image should be at least 400 px wide. With a cover photo you can play with scaling – in my experience, graphics in higher resolution, but maintaining the right proportions look better and are sharper on all devices. In addition, according to Facebook recommendations, sRGB JPG files weighing up to 100 kB will speed up the loading of our website and reduce the negative image compression effect. With a less important file, we have a better chance of successful compression without the pixel effect. In the case where there is text in the picture (or the logo contains the text), a PNG file will be a better choice.

Facebook Photo Size Guide

Background video (video as cover photo) 820x462px.

It is worth experimenting with the resolution of the film and increases it, maintaining the above proportions. The background film should last between 25 and 90 seconds. We recommend using simple text messages here because by default the video plays without sound.

Please also note that the video is only displayed on computers. Mobile users can see the freeze frame we have chosen. The same principle of cropping the image for mobile as for the standard background image applies.

Event background 1200x628px.

Currently it looks best in the same size as the linked post, i.e. 1200x628px. This format allows you to maintain the right proportions and guarantees that the cover will not be displayed cut off in a random place, even on mobile devices.

Background cover of the group1640x856px.

They can also be larger, but necessarily maintaining a 1.91: 1 aspect ratio. Also, keep in mind that the group’s thumbnail is displayed as a central background element trimmed to a round frame. The middle element is also a group shortcut icon on mobile devices. Unfortunately, we cannot choose a separate avatar or scale the group background fragment – Facebook does it automatically. So let’s put a single, separated element or symbol in the center of the photo in the background, which we would like to see in the group’s miniature.

Facebook Photo Size Guide

Facebook Stories / Instagram Stories – 900x1600px

For full-screen video (vertical). It is worth remembering, however, that it works only with video files, photos in this size are cropped in News.

Facebook Photo Size Guide

Video posts 16:9

The recommended ratio of video posts is 16:9 or 9:16. The maximum size of such a file is 4GB, Facebook will not allow us to “heavier” upload. 1080×1080 video is also great, often used as a replacement for square posts.

If any of this information is incorrect, or you would like to share your experience, feel free to discuss it in the comments.

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