Facebook Cover for Photographe -Free PSD Template II

Facebook cover accepts the image size of the cover photo: 820 x 312 pixels, but the better solution is to use 960 x 365 pixels. If you have graphics with very high resolution, then the recommended size of the graphics is 1656 x 630 pixels.

Important additional information: photo in the background, does not fully adapt to mobile devices, so some items that are located may not be visible (automatic cropping on the mobile

We recommend the size of the cover image for the group: 1640 x 924 pixels.

Free cover 2020.

Here you can download free PSD templates of the header:


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Background image – cover photo 1920x730px

Seen by everyone who enters the fan page: 820 x 312 px, recommended: 1920 x 730 px, but remember that on a mobile device the cover will be cropped centrally to 640 x 360 px. In 2020, Facebook recommends that the graphics uploaded for the background image should be at least 400 px wide. With a cover photo you can play with scaling – in my experience, graphics in higher resolution, but maintaining the right proportions look better and are sharper on all devices. In addition, according to Facebook recommendations, sRGB JPG files weighing up to 100 kB will speed up the loading of our website and reduce the negative image compression effect. With a less important file, we have a better chance of successful compression without the pixel effect. In the case where there is text in the picture (or the logo contains the text), a PNG file will be a better choice. more about Facebook Sizes >>

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