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Graphic designer.

There is no other way for a graphic designer to constantly create new projects. Every day I look at these amazing graphics on behance, dribbble, I do not know if I will ever be on such a level. This requires an incredible amount of work, perseverance, hours spent in front of the computer and above all the haunting sense of beauty and style. I need to work on the last ones!

New project.

Quite recently I ran into great projects of advertising brochures for photographers. So I decided to take to work and create something interesting.
I start with preparing my project on a piece of paper, dividing it into pages. I decided on a 12-page project, the most minimalist. Sure it could be even more minimalist than what I did, but it’s probably my max of minimalism.I set up a layout of photos and text. Then I start work in Photoshop. Although it would be easier to create this project in InDesign, which unfortunately I do not yet have.

These are the results of my work (A day in the life of the learner graphics designer) :

Wedding photography – welcome guide, template for photography.

Wedding is a wonderful moment and certainly one of the most special days in our life that we often dream about, dream and imagine how it will look like. This guide will certainly facilitate the work of many a photographer, answering the most important questions of each couple.

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