Green Tea Detox Drink

Green Tea Detox Drink

Every season, month and day is good for detox. Ideal for starting a diet, gym or healthy lifestyle. Contrary to appearances, you do not have to be a dietician to prepare yourself this drink. All you need is a few products, a few minutes to prepare and here is your detox drink.

Many people aim to take care of their fitness and weight reduction. The implementation of this intention will certainly help delicious, low-calorie cocktails, prepared on the basis of vegetables, fruit and green tea. They will help you lose weight, give energy and make us feel light.

Losing unnecessary kilograms can be simple and tasty.


Green Detox or a Green Tea cocktail


– 1 Green Tea bag
– 250 ml of water
– 2 handfuls of spinach leaves
– 1 apple
– half avocado
– half a lemon


Bag of Green Tea brew in 250 ml of water according to the instructions on the package and wait for it to cool.Then add 2 handfuls of carefully washed spinach, peeled and sliced apple, half of avocado without pips and juice of half a lemon. At the end, carefully blend and pour into your favourite glass.

Trust me it is delicious! Enjoy!

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