Healthy breakfast ideas for kids! Lunch box.

How many times a week do you hear your child’s excuses about eating breakfast? The student rushes to school or oversleep and has no time for a home-cooked meal. He is also not convinced by the classic dishes he already knows. He prefers to eat some snack or wait for a long break in school. The first meal, however, is a very important element of the rhythm of the day, because it provides the dose of energy needed after waking up. You should eat it up to an hour after getting up. It is also worth paying attention to what our child eats for breakfast and have control over the ingredients of the meal. How to encourage you to eat a healthy breakfast at home? What counts is creativity and ingenuity in composing simple, fast but interesting and tasty dishes.

1. Tortilla instead of a sandwich

Bread can be easily replaced with tortilla. Smear tortilla with good quality cottage cheese. On one side 2 Place the slices of sausage, 2 leaves of lettuce, a slice of cheese and a few bars peppers. Be careful that the filling is not too much, then the tortilla will not fall apart. Leave the edge of the cake with cottage cheese – it will serve as a “glue” to combine the snack. Collapse all in a roll and divide into 2-3 smaller pieces.

2. Cheese pancakes with fruit

Sweets can also be healthy. Bet on dishes prepared by yourself and add fruits to them – sweets full of vitamins.

200 g curd cheese,
3 eggs,
50 g wholemeal wheat flour,
2 teaspoons of powdered sugar,
pinch of salt,
1/4 teaspoon of ground cinnamon,
400 g of any fruit, e.g. berry,
400 ml of natural yoghurt

Cottage cheese mash the egg yolks and sugar. Add cinnamon, flour and mix thoroughly. Whip whites with salt for stiff foam and mix everything gently. Put small portions of dough on a dry and hot teflon pan. Fry on both sides to be browned. Wash and dry the fruit on a paper towel. When they dry out, pack them into pre-prepared pouches. Divide the yogurt into portions. Place the whole package in the breakfast box.

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3. Breakfast muesli bars
These bars are a great alternative to chocolate sweets. They will also be healthier than muesli bars bought in the store, because you can be sure what has been added to them. Therefore, they are the only valuable ingredients and are really delicious. 2 such bars can be a second breakfast for a child, if we add to them, for example, yogurt.

1 can of unsweetened concentrated milk,
250 g of oatmeal (not instant),
75 g of coconut flakes,
100 g of dried cranberry,
125 g of seed mixture (sunflower, pumpkin, sesame),
125 g unsalted peanuts

Condensed milk warm slightly in a pot. Put oatmeal, coconut flakes, cranberries, seeds and nuts into a bowl. Mix everything and pour in warm condensed milk. Mix to mix ingredients thoroughly. Form a size of 23 x 33 cm with baking paper, put out the prepared mixture (do not knead, the bars will be too hard), align. Bake about 1 hour at 130ºC. After about 15 minutes after taking out, cut into 16 bars.

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