How to design a logo? Are there any rules that we need to stick to?

logo design

Understand who will look at your logo before you start working on it – and realize that you will not create a perfect logo. Objectively speaking, such signs do not exist. Sure, you have to surprise your customers with the image – but designers too often try to jump over them. They get fatal results.

Timeless logos are very simple and contain a small number of colors. Interestingly, the creation of such a sign requires vast knowledge and experience, and takes much more time.

How to design a logo?

Here are 3 basic features that distinguish legendary logotypes from those completely average. Simplicity, remembrance and timelessness.


mc Donalds logo1) Timelessness

An effective logo is a timeless logo. To answer the question whether the logo will continue to work in 10, 20, 50 years, the need for exceptional genius and design experience.

apple logo
2) Simplicity

A simple design makes the logo easily recognizable, versatile
and unforgettable. A good logo presents something unique but not transplanted.


ferrari logo


3) Recognition

After simplicity, another rule is rememberance. This effect gives a simple but appropriate design.




7 rules to follow.

See what are the principles of logo design, which are the foundations of the most valuable brands in the world. It is not always easy to stick to the rules, but if we want to be valued for our work, we should do our best.

  1. Do not use more than three colors.
    There are not many valuable examples that break this rule.
    Avoid blatantly bright, but and gloomy colors. It is very good to become familiar with the meaning of colors.
  2. Do not use more than two typefaces (Typography)
    Use sharp font lines for dynamic companies and soft fonts
    – for those with a milder character.
  3. Get rid of everything that is not absolutely necessary.
    The perfect creation of the logo does not specify that you can not add anything.
    The ideal logo design is characterized by the fact that you can not capture anything.
  4. The logo should always look good: small, large, black and white (positive / negative).
    Make sure that the logo is recognizable after reversing colors.
    Make sure that the logo is recognizable when reduced
  5. The logo must be memorized.
    Something that is easily memorable does not have to be very complicated.
    When you have such a choice, always put practicality above originality
  6. Do not listen to destructive reviews!
    Listen only to people who know and understand your clients as well as you – and those who know what features have good logos.
  7. Do not combine the elements of popular characters, calling it the original work.
    Such things can be seen in the palm of your hand. They not only look funny,
    but they can also lead to a court. Avoid following the trend
    – try to create a timeless character.


I hope that some tips will be useful to somebody. It is hard for me to overdo it sometimes, but everything is a matter of practice and experience.

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