How to go back to work after a holiday?

Holiday is for most of the working people a highly anticipated period. During holiday you can forget for a moment about the routine, recharge the batteries and replenish the supply of vitamin D during the sunny baths. Is the return from holiday really associated with enthusiasm and energy? Or is it rather like a re-depressive adaptation to our duties?

Depression after holiday? Why?

The fact that we feel sadness, depression and even stress immediately after returning from vacation is not unusual. During everyday routine, the body functions at high speed – even if the work is not stressful. People get used to getting up and going to work and planning their own life and planning their own private and company life. While on vacation we slow down considerably.

Lack of duties, no alarm clock, often even detachment from all basic duties (even cooking) makes the body lazy. Returning to the everyday treadmill may seem impassable, even to people who like their work and are involved in it.
For the sake of the fact that the outsource chandra is rather inevitable, one must accept that for some time you can feel more irritable and tired than usual. Moreover, it is not worth stressing with attempts to avoid such feelings. However, you can try several ways to make survival of this difficult period easier and shorter.

How to prepare before you leave?

Waiting for the holidays is the most pleasant part of the whole holiday season – even the work does not seem so hard and tiring. Such euphoria should be well used to ensure a lighter return after finishing holiday travel.
Above all, it is worth trying to ensure that all matters started before the holiday are also closed before it. In addition, you can predict that after returning your duties collected during your absence will be waiting impatiently – do not increase their amount with something that could have been done before.

It is also good to leave clear information to a colleague or a trusted subordinate. For example, where they can find documents or telephone numbers that you may need. Thanks to this, there is a higher probability that there will not be a lot of missed calls on the company’s mobile.

Another good idea is an old, proven order. It would be good to leave a clean, tidy desk at work and a clean house before your holiday. It is best to plan your trip so that you can have one or two days off between work and your first day of work. Thanks to this, the body will adapt more easily to the fact that holidays end.

First day at work.

Despite the best preparations, it is very likely that after returning, the number of duties will be significantly higher than normal. However, there is no reason to panic – then a good organization is enough.

The first day is worth starting with the plan. This avoids jumping from one thing to another or doing everything at once. Planning may also include a whole week. Obviously You can not make up for the absence of few weeks in one day.

First things first!

It’s best to divide matters that are important and less important. It is worth answering first the most important messages, making the most urgent phone calls and dealing with other major matters. Thanks to this, You will be able to survive the first days of work after holidays calmly and without much stress.

So how did you spend your holidays? And how did you manage to go back to work with the smile on your face? 🙂

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