How to schedule your posts on Facebook? – plan your posts.

Everyone who runs a blog, a page on facebook, knows that not every hour is good for publishing a post. To reach as many users as possible, we have to choose the right time.

On average, the most users can be found on the Internet between 18:00 and 20:00 from Monday to Thursday. Friday and weekend a lot of people spend time with friends, at parties and with family.

However, it’s good to delve deeper into this topic and choose your publication time according to your audience.

Facebook has enabled the Schedule option in its posting tools. Now we can set up posts that will be published during the day or week. And we will be able to take care of other matters.

Scheduling is super easy, instead of pressing ‘Publish’ button, you click the down arrow, then ‘Schedule’.

Now You have to choose what day and what hour, you want your post to be publish and press ‘Schedule’. That’s it! You schedule your first post on Facebook. And everything is for free!

You can find your scheduled posts in Publishing Tools > Scheduled Posts

of course, you can still edit them, delete them, everything you need.

For now I don’t see option for scheduling Job offers, its available only for normal posts.

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