How to start writing a blog? + free ebook

If you are reading this post, you probably interested in creating content for the web. There are many reasons and advantages of running a blog. Everything depends on the specific situation and goals the content creator (read YOU) is focused on. However, creating posts is not an easy art and requires dedication and devotion. You need to prepare for this purpose and have good facilities.

How to start writing blog?

First of all, you need to have a head full of ideas, be focused on achieving the goal and be determined and tireless in your activities. In addition,
you need to learn a few additional issues, which I mention in the following article. So check how to start writing a blog and take the right direction at the very beginning of this intricate and sometimes winding road.


Here’s how to start successfully!

1. First, choose the platform.

2. Install, the most needed plugins.

3. Learn, the mechanics of the search engine.

4. Work together with social media.

5. Publish your posts regularly.

6. Create correct content.

7. Build a mailing list.

8. Link the blog to Google services.

9. Read the blogs of others.

10. Promote your own content.

I spent my weekend preparing this post. I’ve created an ebook that you can download for free. Start working on your blog today and maybe soon you will start earning money. In my ebook You can read about 10 steps that will lead you to success.

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I tried to describe and explain the start with the blog in the easiest way. The network still lacks authors from various categories. Remember that if you start writing about something, what is your passion, you will never stop and never get bored with writing about it!

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