Influencer Marketing: why are you doing it Wrong?

Influencer marketing is a tool we use when our goal is brand promotion. In a world that is beginning to be dominated by technologies and artificial intelligence enters marketing, activities with influencers show that emotions and the presence of another human being are as important in sales as advanced algorithms and gigabytes of data. However, these are not simple actions and it is very easy to make a mistake in them. How to avoid such situations?

First of all, you need to be aware that if you run automatic campaigns, your mistakes and mistakes are not so important. At most, you will waste part of your budget. If you are a good marketer, you will quickly notice that something is wrong and you will pause the campaign with one click. Influencer, its recipients and your customers will always remember any stumbling blocks, remind you of inept attempts to advertise. Data always forgets and forgives – people do not!

Internet monitoring for “good morning”.

Before you decide to cooperate with anyone, you should check what they already say/write about you online. Use tools such as Brand24, Newspoint or SentiOne to search the internet for content that is relevant to your brand. Pay special attention to negative comments and to the most frequently recurring sources and people from which this content comes. Let’s face it – not every product or service you promote is of the highest quality. More and more influencers refuse to cooperate with brands whose products are of dubious quality, have flaws or do not fulfill the promise given earlier. They are well aware that their followers will quickly discover a lie or even hide some uncomfortable facts and will turn their backs. Both to them and to the brand they were advertising.

influencer marketing

Internet monitoring will give you the answer to whether it makes sense to start cooperation with influencers.

Influencer is the king of content.

Cooperation with web creators is not about sending them a ready entry or advertising banner to be posted on their media. Treat their channels, not as a place to promote your brand. It’s a table where everyone sits and discusses products or services. The owner of this table and the dealer is the influencer. By pushing your content, you act as if you were playing poker with friends and wanted to plant a card that comes from a completely different deck. Everyone will notice it immediately and rightly accuse you of cheating. They will probably not sit at the same table with you anymore.

How to work with an influencer?

  • Tell us what you care about most. Do you want recipients to know a specific feature of the product? Or maybe your goal is to inform their promotion?
  • Present your overall brand strategy.
  • For video, refine the script first. Making corrections to already assembled video material is much more labor-intensive, often requires tightening scenes and additional shots

When deciding to cooperate with influencers, focus on building lasting relationships that you will strengthen with subsequent actions.

What gives you long-term Influencer Marketing cooperation:

  • You know the people you work with. Thanks to this, you can deal with all formal issues more efficiently.
  • You don’t have to waste time re-explaining what your brand is all about and what your overall strategy is.
  • Followers of a given influencer will better convert to sales when they see that their idol is still using your product or service

Influencer is your business partner.

Unfortunately, many marketers are convinced that it is enough to send the influencer products to make him happy. Well no! Even those included in the group of micro-influencers (i.e. having a maximum of several thousand followers or even fewer) are very picky.

Caring for their community and providing them with qualitative content is their priority. They rightly assume that there are no shortcuts, and hard work and perseverance will bring concrete business benefits in the future. Therefore, they will not be tempted to promote your brand if they think that it does not suit their group. That it is a card from a different deck, mentioned earlier.

Remember that influencer is also a profession. Everything takes time – from rethinking the concept, through implementation, to distribution on social channels. More and more influencers are aware that their time and audience have real value.

What are your experiences of working with influencers and content creators? What would you add to the above tips – Influencer Marketing?

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