5 marketing brochures every photographer needs!

What is marketing for a photographer today and what form of promotion should you choose?

In the era of immense competition, which prevails in the photographic industry, an important element that will make it stand out from the crowd will be proper promotion. Of course, let’s not forget that the quality of the services provided by the photographer is the most important, but it may not matter if we do not communicate it to the world.

Whisper marketing or leaflets is a good solution, but it does not always bring a consistent, satisfactory result. Many photographers doing decent work rely on commands, but this model always carries some quantitative restrictions.

Marketing for the photographer on the internet.

Internet marketing is currently one of the most effective forms of advertising. If you are not yet part of it, you are making a huge mistake. Why? Because you lose a lot of potential customers, who just search the Internet for information about photographic services.
Note, perhaps from your own experience, that before you buy, you probably look at offers by comparing them and reading the opinions of others about them. Your prospects are doing the same, looking for the right photographer on the web.

How to make them notice your activity and trust in you? Social media.

At the beginning of the work as a photographer, it is worth starting by creating a profile on social media. This is a good solution at the beginning of your career when you have a limited start budget, because you can set up a profile for free. Not everyone loves these types of portals, but they have their advantages. Thanks to them you can increase the reach and gain a lot of new customers. Thanks to the profile, for example, on Facebook, you gain a huge audience, which you can present your work and thus encourage cooperation. If you skillfully lead your fanpage, you will gain a lot of advantage.

Where to start?

From inventing a coherent name. Let it coincide with the name of your activity, website, etc. The next step is to use a profile photo. Ideally, if you will be on it, not just your logo. Placing your professional photo is a small step, and it will definitely make you stand out. You will gain more credibility and you will not be a big secret, recognizability is nothing bad in this industry. However, a photo in the background should be treated as an advertising banner, this is the perfect place for your logo and additional content related to what you do. Before you add the first pictures to the gallery on your fanpage, think about the categories of these photos. Create appropriate names for photo albums, for example, wedding photography, landscape photography, etc. Thanks to this, a person interested in specific subject matter of photos will find it easier in your gallery. Remember to post posts, if you do it regularly, although twice a week, you will become visible. Your activity will be a clear message that you are still working on something, so show the latest photos and how they were created, put relationships from the session and other your professional activities. Do not let it be just photos or videos, describe posts in an interesting and encouraging way, mark customers if they agree, links to your website or blog. Thanks to this you will promote your website. Get to know the tools offered by a social media sites and start using them consciously, then you will certainly notice the growing interest in your works and the number of orders received will also increase.

Attractive website from portfolio.

Marketing for a photographer without a website? It is hard to imagine it, but it happens! It involves incurring certain costs, such as buying a domain and server space, if you do not have your own, but in return you get more creative freedom. What? You can decide for the domain address yourself and you can define how the page should look and what it should contain. The appearance of the gallery with photos depends on you (their size, subject, presentation method, etc.). When designing a website, make sure that the site is professional, elegant and, above all, not obsolete! It’s supposed to show you that you’re growing and you’re a professional. Think about the look of your home page. If it is bland, the potential client will close the window with this page. Thanks to the creation of a page that is an expression of your style and character, you impress your audience and let you know what kind of photographer you are. We can compare it to the first impression of a job interview. Thanks to it someone will be interested in further exploring knowledge about you or not. Remember that your website contains the necessary information about you, contact, offer and your portfolio.


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