May Wallpaper 2018 with calendar – free download.

May Wallpaper 2018 with calendar. – free download (every month new one).

May Wallpaper with calendar 2018.

For a long time I wondered what the May month reminds me of. I am ashamed to admit, but nothing came to my mind. And this is such a beautiful month.

And May came, and I continued to think about the symbol for this month. It caught me on the road back from the store today, and I almost forgot about it. The smell of a lilac bush. And finally, eureka! It’s amazing how we feel when we suddenly smell something we already know. It brings back memories and moments. For me, those from childhood.

Lilac bush

A large lilac bush grows in front of my family home. Like today, I remember my father climbing to the top, to break this perfect branch that my mother wanted so much. I was looking for a flower with five petals, because it supposedly brings happiness. Sometimes it worked, and sometimes I just cheated by tearing one petal and dividing it into two, telling my younger brother that it was me who won the luck this time. Ha I was really terrible sister.

This smell inspired me today to create a wallpaper with lilac flower. May for me is the smell of lilacs, the first hot days and the first nights of sleeping with open window.

Pimp your desktop and change the wallpaper with me every month. All available sizes. And of course, download for free.

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