Create a Journal to Sell on Amazon KDP for FREE

How to sell on Amazon KDP? In this article, I’ll explain how one of the Amazon functions works, and we’re talking about Amazon KDP here.

What is Amazon KDP?

Amazon KDP is an Amazon-owned platform that handles the publication and sale of e-books and paper books. As for the publication of the so-called notebooks, the KDP is perfect for this role, as this platform allows you to publish your product in the form of a paper book printed on demand. It means that everyone (after registering on Amazon KDP) can virtually create their product, which after publication will be available on Amazon around the world.

Our products are virtually released and available in the Amazon store in the USA, Canada, and Europe (Great Britain, Spain, France, and Germany). If a customer buys our product, Amazon prints, packs, and sends it to the customer. It’s like selling cars online, but the factory only produces a car when someone orders it, and we get our commission for selling the car without getting our hands dirty. KDP also offers a very high share of the profit to the author of the product in the final store price.

How to sell on Amazon KDP – create your first product?

In this tutorial we will create a 6×9″ notebook with 120 pages (most often chosen by buyers).

  1. First you need to create an account and complete your details. The process is very simple and intuitive. Go to Amazon KDP >>

2. Download the notebook template to find out the exact dimensions (with bleeds). It is very important step Go to >>

3. Fill the form like in the picture below. And send it to your email address.

4. Create a Canva account if you don’t have one yet.

Go to >>

Designs can also be created in other graphics programs, for example from the Adobe suite.

5. Choose for Custom size (width 12.52″ height 9.25″). You can find right dimensions in file from Bookhow.

sell on amazon kdp

6. Upload .png version of template to your design, and create your first Notebook Cover. Remember after you are done, before saving your design, you need to delete template.

sell on amazon kdp
canva design

7. Download your design in .pdf version.

saving canva design

8. Now is time for publishing! Go back to Amazon KDP.

Go to Bookshelf and click on Paperback.

kdp publishing
kdp book title

9. Assign Free ISBN number. Very important!

sell on amazon kdp

10. Upload Manuscript (inside of the notebook) and our Cover Design. It can be a lined notebook, planner, recipe templates. We will use a lined notebook today.

Go here to download manuscript >>

kdp manuscript

11. Launch Previewer to check if your design looks good. (Don’t worry when loading preview is taking some time, its normal.)

kdp preview

12. Save and continue to Pricing.

sell on amazon kdp

13. My price is $ 6.99. You can of course choose yours as well as adjust the amount depending on the country.

sell on amazon kdp

14. Now hit the Publish Your Paperback Book, and DONE!

It may take several days for the issue to be available online. You will be informed about it by e-mail.

Check out my Amazon KDP designs here >>

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