The cutest swimwear for kids – Swimwear trends through the years.

Summer is coming!

Today on the shelves next to each other are cut down tight bikini suits, sports clothes, piece, tankini, retro dresses, high-waisted and a range of other styles. It was not always like that. Beach fashion has changed over the years and has often been the result of cultural and moral changes.

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Bathing suit (as a completely separate swimsuit) appeared more or less in the mid-nineteenth century. Previously, mostly naked baths (for example in bathhouses) and in ordinary clothing were bathed.

A history of trends in swimsuits.

  • The first swimwear for women resembled the long gowns or dresses. Over time, the upper part was shortened and the set was designed with long trousers.
  • Men’s variants of bathing suits from the nineteenth century also do not resemble those known nowadays. When sunbathing and swimming in the sea became more popular among the general public, men established specially designed knee-length pants and short-sleeved T-shirts.
  • It was not until the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries that the first swimming costumes appeared! These were one-piece knee-length leotards available in men’s and women’s versions. The feminine variant for a long time was scandalous and was accepted only after the Olympic G
    Stockholm 1912

    ames in Stockholm (1912), where for the first time women’s swimming competitions were held in this outfit.

  • Bathing suits in the 20s of the twentieth century still resembled men’s leotards, but they boldly uncovered their arms and thighs. They were made of elastic fabric, which guaranteed comfort. During this period, two-piece costumes appeared, which consisted of tight-fitting top and shorts.
  • Bathing suits in the 1950s – it was at this time that bikini premiered at the time, but initially it did not enjoy the approval (many beaches and bathing beaches were banned in such a scant costume). In the 1950s, costumes with an elevated waist and a separate top or one-piece costumes dominated.
  • Bathing suits in the 1960s – it was only then that bikini became popular, and the beaches were swarming with women in a variety of costumes (from cut bikini, through outfits covering most of the body to modern models with tankini, pareo and other accessories).


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Swimwear not only for adults – how to choose a bathing suit for a child?

Swimming suits for children are a separate category. The choice should be made based on the age, height, weight of the child, ours and his preferences.

  • Comfortable and universal one-piece costumes for girls.
    On sale you can also find swimsuits for girls two-piece.
  • For boys, it is enough to buy swimwear in the form of briefs or short pants.
  • For babies and teenagers, heavily built-up costumes are recommended (protecting against sun and burns).

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