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To do list printable

The list of tasks is usually a piece of paper – use my to do list printable – (although we can use computer programs or special applications for it) with all the tasks to be listed. One large to-do list can be very cumbersome to use, not very transparent and overwhelming. That is why you should keep a list of tasks on a daily basis. What you do not manage to do, rewrite to-do list tomorrow.


The advantages of the task list are certainly the ease and speed of implementation. What’s more, if you save all the tasks to be done, you can be sure that nothing will escape your attention.

With our free printable, you’ll be organized like never before! Share the list with your household and family.

free template

You can print the template in A4 format, but also smaller. It all depends on your needs. You will not forget anything!


  • Colored highlighters – to avoid missing an important task, you can use colored highlighters to mark things that you need to do even at the expense of other tasks.
  • Record the time it takes to complete each task – it’s also worth writing next to each task the time it takes to complete it. Remember that only 60% of the time can be effectively planned. The remaining time is allocated for unforeseen events. This will help you optimally plan the whole day and avoid a situation in which the time needed to perform all activities will be longer than a day.

Free To do list printable template here:

Right-click and save the .jpg file to your computer.

free printable

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