Apps to edit photos and create graphics for free.

Applications on the phone to edit photos and create graphics for free.

It is hard to hide the fact that the best photos that we view on Instagram are not only thanks to the filters proposed by this application. Application stores are equipped with a number of programs designed for photo processing. Searching for the right tool myself, I looked at dozens of them at the start. Both free and paid. Today, however, I think that what offers free applications is enough for me, and if I need something more, the computer and programs I use there are already there.

Today we want to introduce you to three programs that I use for a long time, and which completely cover the needs of my photo editing and graphics on the phone.


My top three of free apps to edit photos.

1.) Canva – is of course the basic application which is known to every blogger. In the free version, you can create amazing graphics for the needs of our website. The application has built-in templates that we can use, often new ones appear.
– Instagram graphics
– Facebook graphics, cover
– Snapchat geofilter, your story
– Logo
– Poster
– Flyer
– Invitation
– Card
– Photo Collage
– Banner
– Graphic blog
– Pinterest
– Twitter Post, Header
– Youtube Art
– Presentation
– Business Card
– Album Cover
– Kindle Cover
The application is very easy to use and the effects are more than satisfactory!


2.) PicsArt – here we can go wild, in addition to editing your own photos, we can edit photos shared by other users. The toolkit is really wide and the number of filters really big. The effects proposed in PicsArt for free are hard to find in other such applications, such as the magic or pop art filters. The application has a large database of stickers and frames.



3.) FotoRus – a program primarily for photo editing. It has a large amount, but rather standard filters. It also has a Beauty option where you can improve the size of the nose, slim your face or smooth your skin perfectly, and even apply a delicate makeup 🙂


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