What is Native Marketing?

The concept of native advertising is often associated with sponsored articles. However, this is wrong thinking. While there are some similarities between these two forms of marketing, it’s really easy to tell the difference. Native advertising is subtle and non-invasive. This certainly cannot be said for sponsored articles.

Native marketing – what is it?

It is a very unobtrusive form of promoting your products or services. An example is a truly valuable article that will attract viewers primarily with content. The key is to include information about the company’s offer in a natural way as much as possible. The advertisement is supposed to fit into the atmosphere of the article and its content.

Is native advertising effective?

Research shows that currently this form of marketing is remembered by recipients twice as often as other ways of promoting their products or services. All because they derive real benefit – they derive specific, useful knowledge from the articles. Native advertising is readily distributed by Internet users. Numerous shares, likes, and discussions in the form of comments mean that the content is gaining popularity. Surveys show that as many as 32% of native advertising recipients are happy to share their content with loved ones. On the other hand, when it comes to the conventional way of promoting services or products, only 19% of respondents showed a willingness to share this type of content.

What are the types of native advertising?

Native advertising can take several forms. You can find examples of it:

  • in articles created by journalists (In-feed Ad Units),
  • paid search engine advertisements marked with a small inscription “advertisement” (Paid Search Units),
  • “read also” type recommendations on websites (recommendation widgets),
  • lists with promoted products on e-shops (promoted listings),
  • advertising banners adapted with the message and graphic form to the content displayed on the page (In-ad),
  • all those not included in any of the above groups.

Regardless of the form that native advertising takes, its most important feature is fitting into the content.

Native marketing – what form can it take?

You can also promote your products using video, podcasts, music files, photos, graphics, etc. If you are watching an instructional video in which the creator casually mentions the usefulness of a product from a specific company, this could be just an example of using native marketing strategies. The graphics, which has the recipe for the best waffles, and the list of products you need appears with information that you need a specific company’s flour – this is also a great example of native advertising.

Interesting content that brings the recipient a specific benefit and at the same time subtly promotes a given product, company or service is just an example of using native marketing. Due to the unobtrusive nature of such advertising, recipients gain confidence in it faster.

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